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In Tuesday’s blog, we discussed Trying to Catch Santa Claus.  As a child, year after year I tried to catch Santa and failed every time. Today I unveil the mystery and show how you can catch the elusive bearded man, as well. 

But, first things first. As parents, we all have either gone through this or will have to someday soon.  For me, that day is coming again very soon.  That dreaded day that you either inform your child that Santa is not real, or the day you must confess, that yes indeed, you are Santa Claus.  That sad and dreaded day of the innocence lost, forever.  For a great blog about this timely subject, please read Debra Kristi’s blog, The Time of Innocence Lost, as she appeared as a guest blogger on Myndi Shafer’s blog Blogging Barefoot

The Christmas countdown clock is on.  Panic begins to set in.  The shopping list is nowhere near complete, and most of the items are out of stock.  Your child’s most desired item on his or her list may or may not be available before Christmas.  You begin to curse the whole process.  You curse the companies that have no clue about the laws of supply and demand.  You ignore the bell ringers outside every store.  You look at the long lines of kids in the mall waiting for a chance to sit on Santa’s lap and just want to scream…”HE’S NOT REAL KIDDIES”…Slowly you begin to turn into that green, hairy creature – The Grinch!  Your pocketbook and budget are stretched to their limits.  You begin to look for that dreaded fruitcake and promise yourself that this year you are going to send one to your in-laws.

As you drive home, empty-handed, and darkness has come to soon (damn Daylight Savings time) you begin to take in the lights of your neighborhood.  The radio is playing non-stop holiday music.  You see all the hard work your neighbors have put into decorating their houses and the magic begins to return.  Christmas is not about you.  It’s about the children.  If they still believe, well then, I still believe.

Your children are getting to the age that their little minds are starting to put two and two together.  The gifts from Santa last year bore a resemble to mom or dad’s handwriting.  There is no way this fat guy can fit down our chimney, and there is no way possible he could deliver presents to every boy and girl around the world.  They realize there is no naughty or nice list.  How else are they to explain why the older brother/sister received any presents last year?

Your parenting skills are put to the utmost test.  You have to think on your feet and quick.  How do I make little Johnny or Susie believe, if not for just one more year?

The answer lies here: icaughtsanta.com

In just three easy steps, you can produce a photo (for $9.99) of Santa in your living room, next to the fireplace, by the Christmas tree, or by the stockings.  All you have to do is take a picture and upload it to the site.  You then have 20 Santa poses to choose from.  Choose your ideal pose and place it on the photo.  You can size Santa to make him proportionately correct and even adjust the color of his red suit.  Then order the photo.

On Christmas day, you have the story of all stories to tell your children.

You Caught Santa Claus!!

Look into your children’s eyes as they stare at the photo of Santa standing by their very own tree, maybe just maybe, you can picture yourself at the same age, when you still believed.