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Happy Saturday everyone.  Join me for a stroll through the park, a collection of blogs from the past week that created static in my airwaves.  My mashup is a buffet of sorts from some of the best blogs and most talented bloggers I follow:

Looking for a different take on Santa’s naughty or nice list?  Check out August McLaughlin’s Naughty & Nice: Confessions of a Relative Goody-Goody.  This “adult” version of Santa’s list is terrific fun.  August lists several outrageous and daring stunts that she may or may not have committed.  You, the reader are given the task to pick which are true and which are not.  This talented writer’s blog was a favorite this week.  August is a former model and some of her exploits are rather revealing.  Or are they?  On Tuesday she will reveal the truth.

Some of you may be aware that I took an on-line social networking class taught by the Jedi Master of all social networking guru’s – Kristen Lamb.  She is the best-selling author of two outstanding books: WE ARE NOT ALONE – The Writers Guide to Social Media and ARE YOU THERE Blog? It’s Me, Writer.  If you are searching for a little inspiration on this Saturday and if the stress of the holiday season is getting to you, read Kristen’s latest blog Great Expectations.  When the world has you waist deep in horse sh*t look for the pony!

Did your honeymoon goes as planned?  Was it everything you envisioned?  For one nervous woman’s tale read Lisa Hall-Wilson’s blog Ceiling Mirrors and Faux Fur.  Lisa’s blog will have you rolling in laughter as she recounts that memorable night.

If you’re in the holiday spirit and looking for a nice, heartwarming story then head over to Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride and read A Christmas Tail.  Everyone loves a story with a happy ending!

Are you a parent dealing with the when do I tell my children the truth about Santa?  Head over to Myndi Shafer’s blog and read the guest post written by Debra KristiThe Time of Innocence Lost.  Debra does a wonderful job with her article and truly captures the spirit of Christmas and what all parent’s eventually go through.

There you have it, a sampling of the best of the best out there in the blogosphere.  I hope you click the links and read from these immensely talented writers.  If you like them well enough, and I think you will, click their follow icons and you won’t miss another blog!

Happy Saturday in the Park everybody.  Only 15 more days till Christmas.  I hope you have all your shopping done and aren’t spending the weekend in a mall parking lot!  Unfortunately, I still have a bit more to get, so if you see me out and about, and if I look a little disheveled, stop me and let’s go have a beer.