About this Blog…

Now that you have stumbled onto my blog – Lost in a Drunken Banquet of Static – I hope you stick around, read a little, and hopefully, enjoy your stay.  If you really enjoy your time here you can click on the “Follow this Blog” icon and receive an email alert notifying you of a new blog.

I often get asked where I came up with the title for this blog.  I don’t really have a cool sounding answer for that. I guess I have always felt like that late-night static you get on your radio as your search the dials for something to entertain.

Here is what you might expect each week from this blog:

Come Monday:  A celebration that we all survived the weekend!  And if it’s Monday, it’s time to start reading a new book.  On this day we will go to the bookstore, the digital library and even dust off a few books on the bookshelf.  Here we will not only explore reasons to read, but also discuss other topics including book v. the movie.  Together we will also revisit some classics and look at how they are holding up with time, discuss our favorites, etc.

Tuesday’s Gone:  Tuesday’s blog is dedicated to things overlooked and conversations unheard.  The static in the airwaves.  In other words, anything goes on Tuesday.  Why Tuesday?  If  you think about it, Tuesday stands alone as a day not really known for anything.  The day is so irrelevant it doesn’t even have a nickname.  Wednesday is “hump” day, which is a pretty cool nickname for a day in the middle of the week.  When looking for things to do on a Wednesday, we only have to think of the nickname, and presto, your busy, or getting busy, or you get the idea.  So anything goes on Tuesday’s.

Thursday:  (a yet unnamed blog…tough to come up with a cool song name for thursday).  On Thursday the countdown begins for the weekend.  We have overcome all of life’s obstacles for the week and we are getting ready for another great weekend.  The beer is on ice and I have a pocket full of change.  Subject matter on Thursday’s will be light, fun and usually music related.  Oh my my. Oh hell yes. Honey, put on that party dress. Buy me a drink, sing me a song.  Well, you get the idea.

There could also be other random days of blogging depending on the amount of static in the airwaves on that particular day.  You might also find a short video blog to watch and laugh with from time to time.

I thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read all this.  I hope in some small way, that you are able to take something away from each blog that makes your day a bit brighter and gives you a little extra pep in your step.  We are all much more attractive with a smile on our face!

1 thought on “About this Blog…”

  1. I can relate to the stairway to heaven story. Think I lived it the same as you but never got the girl. Like your style and look forward to more posts.

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