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Welcome to my Saturday stroll through the park, a collection of blogs from the past week that created static in my airwaves.  My mashup is a buffet of sorts from some of the best blogs and most talented bloggers I follow.  I know you still have a lot of Christmas shopping to take care of today, so I will keep this one short!

Does your husband spend more time in “the library” on the throne than he does in the kitchen or taking out the trash?  Still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for his hobby?  You must read Natalie Hartfords’s For the golfer in your life: the potty putter (yes…you read that correctly)

Ok.  I’m guilty of this, as well.  For another funny blog please read Jenny Hansen’s Blog More CowbellMy Brother is a “Bag Whore”

Does your wife claim that women are born to shop?  Mine does!  My daughters think so, as well.  I’ve got news for them.  Read Jessica O’Neal’s  Myth or Reality: A Woman Who Doesn’t Like to Shop

The suspicious death of famed actress Natalie Woods has been back in the news recently.  You can’t go the Christmas season without watching Miracle of 34th Street and not admire the talents of a very young Woods as she plays Susan Walker in the film.   Karen McFarland takes a look back at Natalie Woods in her blog, Splendour in the Grass 

For two great and informative blogs about blogging check out Anne R. Allen’s How To Blog: A Beginner’s Guide for Authors and How Not To Blog: Beginning Blogging for Authors II.

There you have it.  I read so many great blogs this week that there is not way possible to include them all here.  I hope you enjoy these articles as much as I did.  Click on their links.  I’m sure you will find, just as I did, that there are some truly talented writers out in the great blogosphere.

I hope you are nowhere near a mall today, and are able to spend a nice Saturday at home relaxing.  Leave the long lines and pushing and shoving in the stores to the suckers that haven’t finished their shopping!  Happy Saturday in the Park…