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Welcome to my first attempt at a Mashup.  This is my Saturday stroll through the park, a collection of blogs from the past week that created static in my airwaves.  My mashup is a buffet of sorts from some of the best blogs and most talented bloggers I follow:

Writers In The Storm – This site not only has the coolest picture on any blog I read, but a way cool and always a wonderful place to stop and read. The blog – Deserted Island Books – is what the title suggests.  If you were stranded on a deserted island, what ten books would you take with you?  Fun to think about, and harder to choose than you would think.  Can you choose ten?

Jenny Hansen’s Blog – Cowbell You Need More Of It – If you’re looking for laughs this is THE spot to visit.  Jenny is the Richard Pryor of bloggers.  She is consistently funny, her mind tends to veer to the gutter, but in a fun way.  Her blog this week 10 Creative Ways To Express Your “Inner F-Bomb” was one of my favorites. And, if reading only one of Jenny’s blogs has you begging for more, then get your fix with Can A Cup O’ Joe Make Your Man A ‘Ho’?  Follow the exploits of Married Maurice, a really great tool.

Another talented and creative blogger I love to read is Myndi Shafer – Blogging Barefoot.  For a quick giggle you have to check out Shopping For Idiots a hilarious shopping mall prank. Perfect for the Christmas season.

Have you ever eaten something only to find out later what it actually was?  In the talented Jessica O’Neal blog site she writes about that very thing, and you will not believe what she actually ate!  To find out more you need to read the hilarious (Mis) Adventures in Eating.  

Looking to make your next e-harmony video?  Do you love cats?  You need to watch the video in Tameri Etherton’s Blog – A Cup of Tea and Sorcery, because, well, this girl really loves cats!  Good stuff!

Looking for a great holiday baking idea?  Have you ever tried Poppycock?  No, that isn’t something from Jenny Hansen’s blog! but a recipe provided by Sheila Seabrook.  To read her warm recollections of her father and how to make this delicious sounding Christmas gift follow the recipe on her blog here.

When you were a child, did you ever promise not to grow up and be like your parents, only to find out, you did just that?  For an insightful look at this check out Debra Kristi’s Blog Sparks in the Fireand read her blog My Father I Am?

On a more serious note, you really need to stop by and visit Karen McFarland’s blog.  We all know how poor the economy is right now and our sympathies go out to all those without this Christmas season.  In a scene that is somewhat reminiscent to the mass exodus of Okies headed to California during the Dust Bowl days described in John Steinbeck’s novel, read what is going on in Williston, North Dakota.  You won’t believe the sacrifices people are making in order to earn a paycheck in her blog My Address is the Walmart Parking Lot.

There you have it, a sampling of the best of the best out there in the blogosphere.  I hope you click the links and read from these very talented writers.  If you like it well enough, and I think you will, click their follow icons and you won’t miss another blog!

Happy Saturday in the Park everybody.  I hope you are nowhere near a mall right now!